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    Gut Health Package in Noida

    Tests for 9 Parameters
    True health begins in the gut. Embark on a journey to optimal gut health with our comprehensive Gut Health Package. Featuring ALT, AST, IgE, Occult Blood, B12, H. pylori IgG, and IgA tests, this package mumves deep into your digestive well-being. Assess liver function, allergy indicators, gastrointestinal bleeding, nutrient status, and immune health. Take charge of your vitality and wellness - invest in your gut health today!
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    Available everyday from 6:30 AM to 10 PM
    Sample(s) required
    Blood Stool
    Preparation required
    No Fasting Required
    in house labs

    In-house labs

    NABL certified

    in house labs

    60 mins collection

    6 AM - 10 PM

    in house labs

    Reports in

    6 hours

    Tests Included

    8 tests9 parameters

    Gut Health Package Noida Details

    Package NameGut Health Package
    PriceThe Gut Microbiome Test Price is ₹ 3499
    Tests Included8 Tests, 9 Parameters
    PurposeHelps in identifying the diverse microorganisms residing in your gut and their association with varying health conditions.
    Pre-test InformationFasting is not required for Gut Health Checkup
    Report DeliveryGet Reports within 5 days
    FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor
    Home TestingYes; Free home blood and stool sample collection in 60 mins from booking
    Sample RequiredA blood & stool samples are required for the Gut Health Test

    Understanding gut health checkup in Noida: Microbiota balance and its effects on the body

    The main component of your digestive system is the gastrointestinal (GI) tract which is also called as digestive tract. It is made up of a series of interconnected organs, including your oesophagus, stomach, large intestine, and small intestine, which extend from your mouth to the anus. As solid food and liquids pass through your digestive tract, your body digests them and converts them into nutrients like proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and lipids that are absorbed in the body.

    The digestive system is inhabited by a group of microbes known as the gut microbiota, which is present in greater quantities here than in other body cells.  Gut health encompasses the well-being of your entire digestive system and the microorganisms residing in it.

    The effects of poor gut health can include digestive issues (gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, and heartburn), sleep problems, emotional imbalances (stress, low mood, anxiety), and frequent colds. If you are experiencing any such symptoms, you can opt for a gut microbiome test after consulting a healthcare professional.

    Gut microbiome test price in Noida

    The Gut Microbiome Test Cost is ₹ 3499 in Noida. This Gut Microbiome Test Price includes the fastest free home sample collection within 60 minutes of booking, and the reports are available in 5 days. There are no additional charges for home sample collection—it's completely free. So book a gut microbiome test near me now!

    The significance of gut microbiome test for digestion, immunity, and mental health

    Over 100 trillion microbes inhabit your body, a significant portion residing in your small and large intestines, collectively known as your gut microbiome. This microbiome contributes to food digestion, nutrient metabolism, and inflammation control. The gut microbiota is a group of organisms that live inside our intestines and work together with our bodies. They help keep the balance in our gut and prevent bad bacteria from taking over. If this balance is disrupted, it can lead to inflammation and diseases. Thus, the gut bacteria help maintain the healthy environment of our intestines. 

    The impact of gut microbiota includes protection against bad bacteria, generation of vital vitamins, carbohydrate digestion, control of fat storage, and help in the regulation of the immune system. 

    Moreover, gut bacteria may also play a role in mental health. Dysbiosis, which is an imbalance in the gut microorganisms and inflammation of the gut, has been related to anxiety and depression.

    Therefore, getting a gut microbiome test is essential for maintaining your overall well-being. You can book a gut health test in Noida using the Orange Health Labs website. 

    Gut health's impact on enhanced immunity 

    The gut processes foods and absorbs vital nutrients that support bodily functions. The gut microbiota prevents malnutrition, allergies, and infections in the body. Recent research in the medical field reveals the profound impact of gut microbiome on various body organs and reveals the link between gut health and: 

    • The immune system 

    • Mental well-being 

    • Autoimmune conditions 

    • Endocrine disorders like type 2 diabetes 

    • GI disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease 

    • Cardiovascular health 

    • Cancer risk

    • Sleep quality

    • Digestive processes 

    A higher diversity of gut bacteria is a key indicator of microbiome health. Therefore, evaluating gut health is necessary to ensure better immunity, sleep, digestion, and mental well-being among other body processes.

    Tests included in the gut health package in Noida

    Gut microbiome test in Noida is easy to book with the help of Orange Health Labs. The different tests included in the gut health test in Noida are:




    IgE test in Noida

    Indicates allergy to any foods

    Vitamin b12 test in Noida

    Vitamin B12 deficiency causes ulcers

    Helicobacter IgG Test in Noida

    H.pylori causes gastric ulcers

    HbA1c test in Noida

    Diabetes affects gut health

    SGOT test in Noida

    Determines how well the liver is functioning

    SGPT test in Noida

    Determines how well the liver is functioning

    IgA test in Noida

    Is an indicator of gut mucosa health

    Stool occult blood test in Noida

    To detect intestinal bleeding

    Understanding the gut health checkup package in Noida 

    Are you always having digestive issues? You should identify the underlying problem so that you can avoid experiencing stomach issues. This can be done with the help of the gut microbiome test. The gut health package is easy to book with Orange Health Labs. The gut health screening includes 8 tests with 9 parameters, which includes all the gut health checkups. 

    We usually attribute stomach pain or discomfort to gas, bloating, or acidity, but it may not be just that. Follow your instinct and get the gut microbiome test done if you frequently experience stomach problems. 

    Should You Consider Gut Health Testing?  

    The GI tract's microbes have a variety of roles in promoting health. Studies on animals and evidence from people have demonstrated that the stomach communicates with bacteria that help digestion through their enzymatic ability.

    In addition to helping with mood regulation, the GI microbes guard against allergies, malnutrition, and infections. The performance of our body’s immune system mechanisms will be impacted by any disruption of the GI microbiome.

    So, the gut microbiome test is useful for everyone, especially those who are having stomach problems. The gut microbiome test in Noida is simple and easy with Orange Health Labs.

    When to Start Gut Microbiome Test in Noida: Age Recommendations

    The gut microbiome test in Noida can be done in people of all age groups, and if you are having any problem related to the stomach and intestine, you need to have a gut health test.

    Risk Assessment of the Gut Health Test in Noida

    There are no risks involved in gut microbiome testing. In Noida, it is quite easy to book gut microbiome tests. Once you book your appointment, the expert eMedic will arrive at your home within an hour to collect the samples from your home or office.

    Preparations & precautions to be taken before a gut microbiome test

    There is no preparation or fasting needed for an gut health checkup.

    Report delivery & details for an gut health test

    You will receive your results within 5 days of the sample collection.

    Book a gut health test near me in Noida

    Getting a lab test or a full body checkup in Noida is convenient and also very simple. Listed below are some steps to book a blood test in Noida:

    • Search for "gut microbiome test near me" into your browser and visit our website

    • Log into our website at Orange Health Labs or use our App.

    • Simply fill in your details in our user-friendly order form, choose a suitable time slot, and book a Gut Health Package in Noida.

    • Our skilled eMedic, dedicated to this task, will reach you within 60 minutes to collect the sample at a location suitable to you.

    • The collected sample will be carefully examined at our NABL accredited and ICMR approved labs.

    • You will receive your reports via email or WhatsApp within 5 days, which will also be available on our App.

    Schedule a gut microbiome test in Noida at your convenience with Orange Health Labs. Book now for hassle-free service!

    Free home collection for gut microbiome test near me

    Whether you live in Gaurcity 2, Vasundhra, or Indirapuram, Orange Health Labs in Noida can take a free home sample for a microbiome test within 60 minutes. This means you only have to pay the gut microbiome test price.

    We have divided the city into several zones to make it quick, easy, and convenient for you to receive a gut health test near me, anyplace. This ensures that we spend the least amount of time commuting to collect your blood, urine, and stool  samples. This also ensures that the collected sample arrives at the center for analysis quickly and without any delays.

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    Frequently asked questions on gut health checkup:

    What are the potential benefits of a healthy gut? 

    A healthy gut helps in digestion, activates and boosts immunity and many other bodily functions, and can maintain mental health.  

    What does the Gut Microbiome Test cost in Noida? 

    The gut microbiome test price is ₹ 3499 in Noida. This gut microbiome test cost includes the fastest free home sample collection within 60 mins of booking.

    How long does it take to see results from a gut health test online in Noida? 

    You will receive all the reports and results within 5 days of sample collection. 

    Are there any dietary restrictions before the blood test for gut health? 

    No. There are no dietary restrictions before the blood test for gut health. 

    What's the process for home sample collection when I book the gut microbiome test near me in Noida, and is it safe? 

    When you book a gut microbiome test, the expert eMedic from Orange Health Labs will come to your home for sample collection. The gut microbiome test in Noida is completely safe and secure.

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