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Drugs and Inhalants Allergy Package in Mumbai

Tests for 112 Parameters
Are you constantly suffering from a headache, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems or just feeling unwell or lethargic? You could be intolerant to certain drugs and inhalants. Get tested for intolerance to 112 drugs and inhalants allergens.
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Available everyday from 6:30 AM to 10 PM
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No Fasting Required
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NABL certified

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60 mins collection

6 AM - 10 PM

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Allergens Tested

8 categories109 allergens

Drug & Inhalant Allergy Test Details

Test NameDrug & Inhalant Allergy Test
PriceThe Drug & Inhalant Allergy Test price is ₹ 3000
No of Tests Included8 categories & 112 allergens
PurposeTo identify specific substances that may trigger allergic reactions in individuals.
Pre-test InformationFasting is not required for this test
Report DeliveryGet reports within 5 days
FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor
Home TestingYes; free home blood sample collection in 60 minutes from booking
Sample RequiredA blood sample is required for a Drug & Inhalant Allergy Test

Understanding Drug and Inhalant Allergies  

Allergies result from the body's heightened sensitivity to allergens, substances that can enter the body through various pathways, such as the skin, nose, eyes, respiratory system, or digestive system, whether through inhalation, ingestion, or injection. Certain drugs and inhalants can prompt an immune system response, leading to allergic reactions. 

Specific medications, including herbal, over the counter (OTC), and prescription drugs, carry the potential to elicit allergic responses. Common culprits include antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), insulin, and chemotherapy medications. 

Inhalant allergies involve inhaling airborne substances that your body is allergic to. These substances can be present year-round or seasonal allergens, like dust mites, pollen, mould, yeast, and more. 

Your body may not react during the first exposure, but it starts producing antibodies against the allergen. Upon subsequent contact with the same drug or inhalant, the antibodies trigger an immune response, involving the activation of white blood cells, leading to an allergic reaction.  


If you're in Mumbai and seeking a comprehensive package for testing allergic reactions to drugs and inhalants, the drugs and inhalants allergy package is your top choice.  

Drug & Inhalant Allergy Test Cost in Mumbai

The Drug & Inhalant Allergy Test price is ₹ 3000 in Mumbai. This Drug & Inhalant Allergy Test price includes the fastest free home sample collection within 60 minutes of booking, and the reports are available in 5 days. There are no additional charges for home sample collection—it's completely free. So book a Drug & Inhalant Allergy Test near me now! 

Drug and Inhalant Allergy Symptoms and Their Complications  


Allergies to drugs and inhalants often manifest through various symptoms such as: 

  • Nasal congestion 

  • Nasal itching 

  • Nasal blockage 

  • Eyes itching 

  • Sneezing 

  • Watering of the eyes 

Severe allergy symptoms consist of: 

  • Skin rash 

  • Itchiness 

  • Hives 

  • Swelling 

  • Breathing difficulties 

These allergic reactions can lead to a life-threatening condition known as anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can result in shock, with signs and symptoms like nausea, vomiting, a rapid and weak pulse, severe breathlessness, and a drop in blood pressure. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to serious complications. So, if you suspect you have an allergy, opt for a drug and inhalant allergy test in Mumbai today.    

The Importance of Identifying Drug and Inhalant Allergies  

For the well-being of individuals and their safety, it's important to identify inhalant and drug allergies. Understanding these drug allergies is essential for avoiding circumstances caused by allergic reactions to drugs and for protecting you from a potentially fatal condition.   

Inhalant allergies have the potential to induce symptoms like a constantly dripping nose and excessively watery eyes, significantly interfering with an individual's daily routine. Moreover, in some cases, these allergies can trigger severe, even life-threatening, reactions. Therefore, it is advisable to undergo an inhalant allergy test without delay if you suspect you have an allergy.  

Benefits of Early Detection of Drug and Inhalant Allergies  

The early detection of drug allergies holds immense importance in ensuring patient safety and the effective management of healthcare. Detecting drug allergies early on can serve as a preventive measure against serious adverse reactions, hospitalisations, and even fatalities. It also provides your doctor with the opportunity to provide alternative medications or adjust the dosages, ensuring both effective treatment and the reduction of potential risks.  


Additionally, the prompt recognition of drug allergies contributes to the accurate documentation of your medical history, thus allowing for better treatment and lowering your healthcare expenses. 


The symptoms of inhalant allergies closely resemble those of typical upper respiratory tract infections like the common cold and influenza. Early screening with an inhalant panel test can play a vital role in getting an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.  


Right Time to Begin the Drug and Inhalant Allergy Test in Mumbai   

 These tests are typically advised for kids and adults who display allergy symptoms, such as nasal congestion, sneezing, or symptoms resembling asthma or have experienced allergy after being given medicines. The age at which testing is done can change based on a person's medical history and symptoms. To determine when it is suitable to undergo drug and inhalant allergy tests, you should speak with a healthcare professional or allergist. 

Types of Allergens Detectable in the Drugs and Inhalant Panel Blood Test in Mumbai  


There are 8 different categories of allergens tested in the drugs and inhalant allergy tests, which cover 112 different allergens. These include tests against commonly found drug allergens as well as common inhalant triggers for allergies such as trees, weeds, grass, dust mites, insects, yeasts and mould, and pets. 

Introduction to Our Package of Drugs and Inhalant Allergy Tests in Mumbai  

Orange Health Labs provides drugs and inhalant allergy tests in Mumbai. This extensive test covers 112 allergen tests including tests for commonly taken drugs like diclofenac, paracetamol, aspirin, and more. The test is easy and will help you stay safe in the long run. All you have to do is register with our app or website and order the test. Your blood sample will be collected and sent to our labs for evaluation within 3 days. You will receive your results without leaving the comfort of your home.    

Discovering the Beneficiaries of the Drugs and Inhalant Panel Blood Test in Mumbai  


The drug and IgE inhalant allergy test offers significant advantages for individuals experiencing symptoms of drug or inhalant allergies. These tests are instrumental in pinpointing the precise allergens responsible for triggering symptoms, such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mould or medicines. By identifying these culprits, healthcare professionals can tailor treatment plans, develop strategies for allergen avoidance, and make medication recommendations personalised to each individual. This approach aims to effectively alleviate symptoms and enhance the overall quality of life for those afflicted by inhalant allergies.  

Risks and Discomfort Factors in the Drugs and Inhalant Allergy Test  

Blood tests for drug and inhalant allergies are typically safe procedures. You may experience mild pain or bruising at the needle insertion site, which goes away in some time. 


A few individuals might experience dizziness or fainting, either during or after the blood draw; however, these reactions are not common.  

Why choose Orange Health?

  • Orange Health Labs provide affordable rates for all kind of tests and your sample will be collected within one hour of booking.  

  • Further, you will receive your results very fast through mail or App.  

  • All the Orange Health Labs are ICMR and NABL certified. 

How to book with us   

  • You can easily book drug & inhalant allergy test by using the Orange Health Labs website or app. Orange Health Labs provides free sample collection at home. You can select any location in Mumbai city. 

  • Choose a drug & inhalant allergy test and place an order. 

  • After you place the order, our team will contact you using you’re registered number. Please ensure your phone is accessible. 

  • Once our team has reached out to you, a payment link will be sent to you. 

  • Our highly skilled eMedic will reach your given address within 60 minutes (available slots can be viewed on the order confirmation page)  


Test Report (TAT): You will get all the results and reports within five days from sample collection.

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What are the common triggers of inhalant allergies?  

Common triggers for inhalant allergies include dog or cat dander, pigeon droppings, dust mites, different fungi, and insects such as cockroaches, moths and mosquitos.  


Are there any dietary restrictions for people with drug allergies?  

For individuals with a penicillin allergy, it's advisable to steer clear of foods such as cheese and mushrooms. Those with NSAID allergies should consider avoiding citrus foods. After receiving your test results, it's essential to consult with your physician to interpret the findings and establish strategies for minimising future exposure to allergens.  


What time should I take an IgE inhalant allergy test checkup?  

You can take an IgE inhalant allergy test checkup at any time throughout the day.  


What is the process for the sample collection of inhalant allergy tests near me in Mumbai?  

After you place your order with us, our eMedic will reach your address and blood sample collection will be done following all the standard procedures.  

Orange Health Labs provides the fastest Allergy (Drugs & Inhalants) - 112 items services across Mumbai
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