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    Comprehensive Women Health Package in Hyderabad

    Tests for 98 Parameters
    This checkup is a collection of tests that are specifically designed to aid in monitoring women's overall health. Hormonal tests, lipid profile, thyroid profile, blood glucose, calcium, iron, and vitamin tests are all included in this package. This package also includes additional tests which help in identifying PCOD, ovarian cancer and arthritis.
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    Available everyday from 6:30 AM to 10 PM
    Sample(s) required
    Preparation required
    No Fasting Required
    in house labs

    In-house labs

    NABL certified

    in house labs

    60 mins collection

    6 AM - 10 PM

    in house labs

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    6 hours

    Tests Included

    14 tests98 parameters

    Women Health Package Hyderabad Details

    Test NameWomen’s Health Package.
    PriceThe women's health check-up packages price is ₹ 2999.
    No of Tests Included13 Tests & 97 Parameters.
    PurposeTo proactively monitor & address women's well-being.
    Pre-test InformationNo fasting required
    Report DeliveryGet reports within 6 hours.
    FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor.
    Home TestingYes; free home sample collection in 60 minutes from booking.
    Sample RequiredA blood & urine sample is required for a women's health check up.

    Importance of women's health & the need for women health checkup

    Women are often selfless individuals who prioritise the well-being of others ahead of their own, even when it comes to their own health. Women go through various changes as they age, which encompass menstruation, pregnancy, labour, childbirth, and eventually menopause. These make them more susceptible to a lot of health problems including hormonal imbalances, urinary and sexually transmitted infections, osteoporosis and certain cancers. Besides this, studies have found that conditions like autoimmune diseases and stroke are generally more prevalent in women than men. 

    These factors highlight the importance of women full body checkup, ensuring that their health is consistently monitored without neglect. Women's health check up make women vigilant about their health conditions so that they may look after themselves proactively. Good physical health also in turn helps improve their mental health and overall well-being

    Women's health check up package cost in Hyderabad

    The women's health check up package price is ₹ 2999. Women's health check up packages price includes the fastest free home sample collection within 60 minutes of booking, and the reports are available in 6 hours. There are no additional charges for home sample collection—it's completely free. So book a women's health check up near me now!

    Women full body checkup in Hyderabad: A guide based on age, risk factors, & health history

    The frequency of health checkups is closely associated with factors such as the individual’s age, risk factors and medical condition. Regular checkups are recommended for all women, especially those above 40 years of age. However, women with pre-existing medical issues or risk factors such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, smoking or hypertension that increase their likelihood of developing chronic diseases need to consider testing at an earlier age and at more frequent intervals. In general, the higher an individual's risk of developing a disease, the more frequent health checkups they may need to maintain their well-being.  

    Also, for certain health conditions, earlier testing is advised. For instance, diabetes screening typically starts at age 35 and is repeated every 3 years for individuals with no diabetes risk factors. Similarly, screening for cervical cancer should be undertaken between 25-74 years of age.  

    Your healthcare provider can guide you best on the right age and frequency of getting a full body check up for women based on your particular health condition and risk factors.

    What's included in women's health check up packages Hyderabad? 

    Orange Health Labs is providing an extensively curated women health package. women's health check up packages has all the key tests required to assess the overall health of a woman and consists of 13 tests that assist in the evaluation of around 97 parameters. The list of tests included in the women's health check up are:

    Test NameParameters
    Glucose Random1
    Prolactin, Serum1
    IHC - CA1251
    Vitamin B12 Test1
    Vitamin D Test1
    Advance Kidney Function Test11
    TFT Test3
    CBC Test + ESR Test25
    Lipid Profile Test9
    HbA1c Test2
    Urine Complete Analysis Test27
    LH:FSH Ratio3
    Liver Function Test with GGT12

    Why choose Orange Health Lab's for women health check up in Hyderabad? 

    Notably, Orange Health Labs is assisting women in maintaining their health. Orange Health Labs offers women's health check-up packages Hyderabad that include 13 tests measuring 97 health-related factors. These women health checkup packages are intended to address common problems such as vitamin deficiencies, thyroid imbalances, hormone imbalances, and the risk of ovarian cancer. Furthermore, you can take the test in the convenience of your own home. And get accurate and dependable results within a day. These factors make Orange Health Labs the preferred choice for your diagnostic needs.  

    Enhancing your health with women's health check up packages Hyderabad

    Women should have health checks on a regular basis to keep them informed about their current state of health. There are numerous advantages of female full body checkup that plays an important role in improving women's health. Women can monitor their bodies for the appearance of illnesses and identify potential risk factors that may result in health issues by having these tests. Furthermore, early disease or health issue detection can improve treatment outcomes, stop the progression of current conditions, and avert serious consequences that may result from them. In this manner, these female health check up enhance your health by monitoring your body completely for any abnormality, early detection of illnesses and their successful management.

    Who should consider a full body checkup for ladies in Hyderabad? 

    A women health package is for all the ladies.  Age, health history, and risk factors, as mentioned previously, play an important role in deciding the need for health checkups. But whether you are ill or not, you can go for a full body checkup for women to assess your health status. However, these tests can especially benefit women who: 

    • Show symptoms of a disease 

    • Have chronic or persistent health conditions 

    • Have medical conditions and need to monitor the impact of a new medication 

    • Have risk factors such as smoking or obesity 

    • Have a family history of chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension 

    • Are considering planning a family or are approaching menopause

    Book a women's full body checkup near me

    Getting a health checkup or a blood test in Hyderabad is convenient and also very simple.

    Listed below are some steps to book a full body checkup in Hyderabad:

    • Log into our website at Orange Health Labs or use our App.

    • Simply fill in your details in our user-friendly order form, choose a suitable time slot, and book an women's health check up at home.

    • Our skilled eMedic, dedicated to this task, will reach you within 60 minutes to collect the sample at a location suitable to you.

    • The collected sample will be carefully examined at our NABL accredited and ICMR approved labs.

    • You will receive your reports via email or WhatsApp within 6 hours, which will also be available on our App.

    Book a women's health check up near me at your convenience with Orange Health Labs for a hassle-free service!

    Free home collection for a full body checkup for women near me

    Whether you are in Nalagandla, Banjara Hills, or Anandbagh, a free home sample collection for women's health check-up packages Hyderabad with Orange Health Labs is available within 60 minutes. This means you only have to pay the women's health check-up packages price.

    We have divided the city into multiple different zones to make it fast, easy, and convenient for you to get full body checkup for women in Hyderabad from anywhere. This way, we can ensure that the least amount of time is spent commuting to collect your sample. Additionally, this ensures that the collected sample rapidly reaches the center for analysis without any delays.

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    What is a full body checkup price for ladies in Hyderabad?
    The women’s full body checkup price is ₹ 2999 in Hyderabad. This women’s full body checkup cost includes the fastest free home sample collection within 60 mins of booking.
    What are the Orange Health Lab’s women's health check up packages in Hyderabad?
    The Orange Health Lab’s women's health checkup packages are packages curated especially to enhance for women's well being. This is a comprehensive test package including around 13 tests and assessing 97 parameters. This package has all the key components required to evaluate the overall health of women.
    How often should one get a comprehensive women's health checkup? 
    The frequency of undergoing a thorough comprehensive women's health checkup relies on an individual's risk factors, which can lead to health issues. Nevertheless, it is essential to schedule a comprehensive women’s health checkup annually to maintain both physical and mental well-being.
    Is home sample collection available for women health packages?
    Yes, home sample collection is available for health checkup for woman from any location in Hyderabad. You just have to book a women's health package online, and a trained professional will arrive at your doorstep for sample collection.

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