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    Vegetarian Food Allergy Package in Gurgaon

    Tests for 98 Parameters
    Do end up with rashes, hives or a tingling sensation in your mouth post a meal? You could be allergic to certain vegetarian foods. Get yourself tested for 98 food allergens.
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    Available everyday from 6:30 AM to 10 PM
    Sample(s) required
    Preparation required
    No Fasting Required
    in house labs

    In-house labs

    NABL certified

    in house labs

    60 mins collection

    6 AM - 10 PM

    in house labs

    Reports in

    6 hours

    Allergens Tested

    10 categories98 allergens

    Vegetarian Food Allergy Test Package Gurgaon Details

    Package NameVeg Food Allergy Test Package
    PriceThe veg allergy test price is ₹ 3499
    Allergens Tests

    10 categories & 98 allergens


    To identify & assess potential allergic reactions to various vegetarian food items

    Pre-test InformationFasting is not required for the veg food allergy test package
    Report DeliveryGet Reports within 5 days
    FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor
    Home TestingYes; free home blood sample collection in 60 minutes from booking
    Sample RequiredA blood sample is required for a vegetable allergy test

    Exploring food allergies within a vegetarian diet 

    Do you experience rashes, hives, and tingling in your mouth after eating a meal? You might have allergies to specific foods, even if you follow a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian diet is a plant-based diet that excludes animals or meat products from the list of consumable food items. Similar to animal-based foods, many plant-based and dairy-based foods can also trigger allergies. A food allergy occurs when the immune system of your body overreacts to a certain food as if it is harmful. Eating even a tiny amount of a certain food element can trigger an allergic reaction. The substance that produces this allergy is known as an allergen. It’s important to get tested for food allergies because allergic reactions to food can be serious!

    Veg food allergy test price in Gurgaon

    The veg food allergy test price is ₹ 3499. This veg allergy test cost includes the fastest free home sample collection within 60 minutes of booking, and the reports are available in 5 days. There are no additional charges for home sample collection—it's completely free. So book a veg food allergy test near me now!

    Allergic reactions in vegetarians: Understanding the impact

    Vegetarians are likely to suffer from food allergies and intolerances to items like milk, nuts, soya, wheat, rice, and so on. In fact, around 3 million people in India have peanut allergy. The symptoms of food allergy range from mild skin rashes, diarrhoea, sneezing, runny nose, swelling of lips, eyes, and face, and pain in the abdomen to severe life-threatening reactions. Sometimes, a common rash can develop into a serious allergic reaction. You may have a slightly higher chance of getting a food allergy if your close family members have a certain food allergy. Thus, understanding that food allergies may occur even with a vegetarian diet is crucial for choosing the right food items in your diet and preventing major complications from arising.

    Considering vegetarian food allergy testing in Gurgaon: Who should opt for It?

    If you are a vegan, or vegetarian and have odd symptoms after consuming certain food items, or have someone in your family with a vegetarian food allergy, you are highly recommended to get a veg food allergy test done. Experiencing allergic symptoms within minutes to hours after eating certain foods is a clear signal for you to undergo an allergy test. Taking an allergy test allows you to make informed dietary choices and avoid potential allergens.

    Unveiling our comprehensive vegetarian food allergy testing package in Gurgaon

    Look no further than Orange Health Labs for a cutting-edge solution to address your dietary concerns. The veg food allergy test in Gurgaon at Orange Health Labs is the most appropriate solution for at-home allergy testing which offers both testing accuracy and convenience. We understand the importance of convenience and comfort, which is why we bring the testing to your doorstep with an easy testing process.

    Our Vegetarian Food Allergy Testing Package is designed with your well-being in mind, offering a wealth of benefits to ensure your peace of mind and good health. The vegetarian food allergy test package offered by Orange Health Labs is a comprehensive evaluation that tests for a staggering 98 different allergens, including common vegetarian food items like peanuts, soya, and milk.

    What's included in our vegetable allergy test package in Gurgaon

    Our vegetable allergy test package in Gurgaon includes 10 food categories assessing 98 allergens. Below is the list of tests being covered in the vegetarian allergy test package: 

    Food Category 

    Allergens Included 


    Cow milk, cheese cheddar type, curd, yoghurt 


    Orange, strawberry, apple, kiwi, melon, mango, banana, pear, peach, lemon, pineapple, apricot, cherry, plum, grape, guava, papaya, watermelon, cranberry, lychee, coconut 


    Garlic, fennel, olive, celery, poppy (seed), parsley, mint, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamon, cloves, basil, ginger, anise, thyme, black pepper, curry, nutmeg, curcuma, coriander, saffron, oregano, rosemary 


    Wheat, barley, oats, maize, rice, millet, semolina 


    Tea, coffee, coconut milk 

    Oil Seeds 

    Sesame seed, mustard, sunflower seeds 

    Dry Fruits 

    Raisin, date, fig, peanut, hazelnut, almond, flaxseed, pumpkin seed, cashew nut, pistachio nut, walnut 


    Tomato, carrot, potato, onion, sweet potato, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, sweet pepper, pumpkin, turnip, broccoli, eggplant/aubergine, cauliflower, beet, pea, soya bean, french bean, mushrooms, tofu (bean curd), cucumber, radish 

    Dal/ Pulses

    Lentil, chickpea 


    Yeast, chocolate 

    Early detection pays off: Managing vegetarian food allergies effectively

    Food allergies can vary in terms of severity from mild reactions to severe health complications. If delayed, the food that you are allergic to can have a negative impact on your health. Detecting allergies early can make a significant difference by providing symptom relief and preventing serious health complications resulting from allergen foods. Furthermore, it empowers you to make informed dietary choices and not lose on any nutritional benefits while maintaining an allergy-free diet. Moreover, you can try out any new food item without worrying about a food allergy if you’ve tested negative for its ingredients. Therefore, early food allergy detection is a proactive step that can lead to a healthier, allergy-free life and peace of mind.

    The Recommended Age for Veg Food Allergy Testing

    Food allergies may develop at any age. They are found more in children as compared to adults. A food allergy diagnosed in childhood continues to adulthood. Veg food allergy tests can be conducted at any age, in both children as well as adults.
    Ensuring the Safety and Accuracy of Testing

    At Orange Health Labs, we prioritize your safety and the accuracy of your test results. Our highly trained and professional eMedics are dedicated to conducting testing with the utmost care and precision, minimising any potential risks. Your samples are analysed at labs accredited by ICMR and NABL that follow rigorous protocols, providing you with precise results that you can trust.

    Book veg food allergy test near me in Gurgaon

    Getting a health checkup or a blood test in Gurgaon is convenient and also very simple. Listed below are some steps to book a full body checkup in Gurgaon:

    • Log into our website at Orange Health Labs or use our App.

    • Simply fill in your details in our user-friendly order form, choose a suitable time slot, and book a veg food allergy test at home.

    • Our skilled eMedic, dedicated to this task, will reach you within 60 minutes to collect the sample at a location suitable to you.

    • The collected  blood sample will be carefully examined at our NABL accredited and ICMR approved labs.

    • You will receive your reports via email or WhatsApp within 4 days, which will also be available on our App.

    Book a vegetarian food allergy test near me at your convenience with Orange Health Labs for a hassle-free service!

    Free home collection for a vegetarian food allergy test near me

    Whether you are in Rajive Nagar, Laxman Vihar, or Manesar, a free home sample collection of  Veg food allergy test Gurgaon with Orange Health Labs is available within 60 minutes. This means you only have to pay the vegetarian food allergy testing cost.

    We have divided the city into multiple different zones to make it fast, easy, and convenient for you to get a veg food allergy panel at home in Gurgaon from anywhere. This way, we can ensure that the least amount of time is spent commuting to collect your blood sample. Additionally, this ensures that the collected sample rapidly reaches the center for analysis without any delays.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Vegetarian Food Allergy Test Package in Gurgaon

    What is a vegetarian food allergy blood test package in Gurgaon? 

    It's a comprehensive test package at Orange Health Labs in Gurgaon that analyses a blood sample to identify allergies to 98 different food allergens, divided into 10 categories of food, particularly those in the vegetarian diets that are common sources of allergy.

    How much does a veg allergy test cost in Gurgaon?

    The veg allergy test price is ₹ 3499 in Gurgaon. This veg allergy test cost includes the fastest free home sample collection within 60 mins of booking. 

    Who should consider the vegetarian food allergy blood test package? 

    Anyone following a vegan or vegetarian diet or those with a family history of vegetarian food allergies should consider this package. If you experience allergic symptoms after eating certain foods, it's a valuable diagnostic tool. 

    What types of allergens does the package cover? 

    The package covers 98 potential allergens in 10 categories of food, which are, dairy, nuts, pulses, fruits, vegetables, spices, cereals, beverages, oil seeds and others. It offers a comprehensive assessment of potential allergenic triggers. 

    What is the testing process for the vegetarian food allergy test in Gurgaon like? 

    Our highly trained and vaccinated eMedic collects a blood sample at your doorstep, ensuring a quick and convenient testing process. 

    Do I need to prepare for the veg food allergy test near me? 

    No preparation or fasting is required for the test. However, medications like steroids and antihistamines taken prior to an allergy test can affect the results. Avoid taking these medications for 48 hours prior to your test in order to ensure their correctness. 

    What happens if my vegetable allergy test results show allergies? 

    If allergies are detected, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional or an allergy specialist to develop a personalized management plan, which may involve dietary changes and allergen avoidance strategies. 

    Read More: Know the difference between Intolerance and Allergy

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