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    Asthma and Respiratory Allergy Package in Gurgaon

    Tests for 70 Parameters
    Are you a person living with asthma? Certain food chemicals are known to trigger allergic reactions for asthmatic patients. Symptoms include skin rashes, hives, nausea, vomiting, nasal congestion, sneezing. If you have any of these symptoms and you’re an asthma patient, you could be suffering from an allergy that you are unaware of! Get tested for allergies from 70 allergens.
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    Asthma and Respiratory Allergy Test Details

    Test NameAsthma and Respiratory Allergy Test
    PriceThe Asthma and Respiratory Allergy Test price is ₹ 2499
    No of Tests Included8 categories & 71 allergens
    PurposeTo diagnose and assess allergies and sensitivities related to asthma and respiratory conditions
    Pre-test InformationFasting is not required for this test
    Report DeliveryGet reports within 5 days
    FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor
    Home TestingYes; free home blood sample collection in 60 minutes from booking
    Sample RequiredA blood sample is required for an Asthma and Respiratory Allergy Test

    Examining Respiratory Allergens and Allergic Reactions in Detail 

    An allergy occurs as a result of your body’s excessive reaction to a foreign protein known as an allergen. If you are allergic to a particular allergen, your immune system overreacts when it comes in contact with your body. 

    Allergies have a major impact on the affected people's lives. Allergies can impact their food choices, the products they use, and even how they breathe. 

    Respiratory allergies are brought on by airborne allergens that you breathe in and include both seasonal allergies and perennial (year-round) allergies. These allergies can harm your health.   

    Certain allergens are found to be asthma triggers, that is, they can lead to asthma episodes, a respiratory disease with difficulty in breathing. When you breathe in an allergen, typically airborne pollutants like pollen, dander, or mould spores, it causes your airways to close leading to asthma. 

    An asthma allergy test enables you to identify these triggers and take relevant precautions. 

    Asthma and Respiratory Allergy Test Cost in Gurgaon

    The Asthma and Respiratory Allergy Test cost is ₹ 2499 in Gurgaon. This Asthma and Respiratory Allergy Test price includes the fastest free home sample collection within 60 minutes of booking, and the reports are available in 5 days. There are no additional charges for home sample collection—it's completely free. So book an asthma and respiratory allergy test near me now! 

    Understanding the Significance of Addressing Asthma and Respiratory Allergies through an Asthma Allergy Test 

    People with untreated asthma may have trouble falling asleep, feel tired during the day, and have trouble concentrating, which can lead to missing work or school and financial hardship for the family and the community at large. If an asthmatic has severe symptoms, they might need to be admitted to the hospital for treatment and observation. They might also need emergency care. Severe episodes of asthma can be deadly. Therefore, it is essential to detect the underlying trigger for your condition and prevent the occurrence of asthma episodes by limiting exposure to the offending allergen. If your symptoms last more than a week or two or tend to reappear at specific times of the year, book an appointment with your doctor and get the asthma and allergy testing performed now. 

    Uncovering the Causes and Symptoms of Asthma and Respiratory Allergies

    Allergens are present everywhere. They might be present in both your indoor and outdoor environments. If you have allergic asthma, inhaling specific allergens might exacerbate (trigger) your symptoms. Using a respiratory allergy panel blood test to understand what can trigger asthma attacks is essential for managing the condition. 

    The allergens on the following list could result in allergic asthma: 

    • Dust mites: These minuscule pests live in your home's soft surfaces, including carpets, soft furniture covers, and clothing. They eat the skin flakes you typically shed each day. Both the mites and their faeces include allergens. 

    • Cockroaches: This invasive species is prevalent in homes and other buildings. Your asthma may worsen if you are exposed to the cockroaches' saliva, excrement, and other body parts. 

    • Dander: Animal skin flakes that are frequently left behind. Frequently classed as common allergies include dander and hair. 

    • Mould: Mould, which is typically found in damp environments (such as basements), releases spores into the air that can trigger asthma episodes. 

    • Pollen: Produced by plants, pollen is a granular substance. The pollen that most frequently triggers allergic asthma is found in grass and weeds. Because there are so many flowers in bloom in the spring, many people get seasonal allergies during this time of the year due to more pollen in the air. 


    The following are signs and symptoms of allergies and allergic asthma: 

    • Persistent coughing, particularly at night. 

    • Experiencing respiratory problems. 

    • Chest constriction, which refers to the sense of something pressing against or compressing your chest. 

    • Wheeze, or whistling when breathing. 

    • A blocked nose. 

    • Red, itchy eyes. 

    • A stuffy nose. 

    • Snoring 

    • Wet eyes 

    • Runny nose 


    These symptoms might be extremely intense during an asthma attack. Make sure you have a treatment plan in place if you suffer severe symptoms. Utilising an inhaler, commonly referred to as a rescue inhaler, is a common part of this technique.  

    Early Detection and Management with the Asthma and Respiratory Allergy Test Package in Gurgaon 

    Inhalant allergens, such as pollens, moulds, animal dander, and household dust mites, are typically the most significant for children and people with asthma. When exposed to inhalant allergens, those with asthma who are allergic frequently have chest, nasal, or eye symptoms.  

    Children and adults with chronic asthma are urged to get tested for allergies, especially those to indoor inhalant allergens such as animal dander, house dust mites, cockroaches, and certain moulds. Additionally, people with intermittent asthma also should think about having their allergies evaluated to prevent the worsening of their condition. 

    A respiratory allergy panel refers to a variety of tests that can determine the type of allergy you might have and what might have caused it. This aids in limiting exposure to the triggering allergens thereby preventing the occurrence of asthma/allergic episodes. Early detection and effective management of asthma and respiratory allergies are essential for averting any major catastrophe.  

    Orange Health Labs’ asthma allergy test checks for allergies to 71 allergens, including the common home and environmental allergens.  

    Analysing the Risk Assessment of the Respiratory Allergy Panel Blood Test 

    An asthma allergy test carries negligible risk. Even though you can have some minor discomfort or bruising where the needle was inserted, most side effects are transient.  

    How to Determine if the Asthma Allergy Test is the Right Choice for You 

    Allergies can cause a range of symptoms, from sneezing and congestion to a potentially fatal anaphylactic shock. It is advised that you discuss the necessity of an allergy and asthma test with your doctor. For people with persistent allergy symptoms or asthma, the doctor could recommend a respiratory allergy test in order to identify potential triggers that aggravate asthma symptoms or cause an asthma attack.  

    Thorough testing for all major indoor and outdoor respiratory allergens that may cause asthma is necessary to be included in the right asthma allergy test. With the correct asthma allergy test, you can pinpoint the precise cause and acquire effective allergy treatment methods to alleviate your symptoms. 

    Orange Health Labs offers a comprehensive respiratory allergy test package for testing of 71 common allergens right from the comfort of your home. 

    Why Choose Orange Health for an Asthma & Respiratory Allergy Test in Gurgaon?

    All laboratories at Orange Health Labs are NABL-accredited and ICMR-certified, and they provide quick, accurate and highly reliable results for various tests like asthma and allergy test. Our laboratories are one of the country’s leading diagnostic facilities that can meet all of your testing needs from the comfort of your home. 

    Book a test with Orange Health Labs by following these steps: 

    • Search for “Orange Health Labs” in your browser. 

    • Visit the Orange Health Labs website from your search results. 

    • Choose Gurgaon as your location. 

    • Select the asthma allergy test. 

    • Register your mobile number (ensure that you provide an accessible number) and give the requested information like the location, date and time for sample collection. 

    • Our dedicated team will contact you soon, and a payment link will be provided to you through WhatsApp. 

    • Once the test is booked successfully, our eMedic, who is both highly professional and fully vaccinated, will then arrive at your doorstep within 60 minutes of booking the test or at your selected time slot (available slots can be viewed on the order confirmation page). 

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    What is the respiratory allergy panel cost near me? 
    The asthma allergy test cost is Rs 2499 in Gurgaon.  

    How is the at-home allergy testing conducted? 
    When you schedule a time window (available slots can be shown on the order confirmation page), our highly qualified, trained, and immunised eMedic will arrive at your door and collect the blood sample. Using a piece of cotton, the eMedic will disinfect the area on the arm where the needle will be put. After inserting the needle, a sufficient sample is taken, and the injection site is covered with a bandage. The sample will be sent to an NABL and ICMR-certified lab for analysis. 

    When and where can I see the results of my asthma allergy test near me? 
    The reports will be delivered to you three days after the sample collection. You can gain access to the reports via email and WhatsApp. 

    Is the Asthma and respiratory allergy package in Gurgaon available for children or only for adults? 
    The asthma and respiratory allergy test is suitable for both children and adults. Your doctor can guide you best about any doubts related to this test.  


    What are the common symptoms of respiratory allergies? 
    The following are signs and symptoms of allergies and allergic asthma: 

    • Persistent coughing, particularly at night 

    • Experiencing respiratory problems 

    • Chest constriction, which refers to the sense of something pressing against or compressing your chest 

    • Wheeze, or whistle when breathing 

    • A blocked nose 

    • Red, itchy eyes 

    • A stuffy nose 

    • Snoring 

    • Wet eyes 

    • Runny nose 

    What do I do if the test results indicate allergies or respiratory issues? 
    This test will identify your asthma triggers and you should take action to either prevent or control these allergens. Consult your doctor with the results for the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.

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