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    Essential STD Checkup in Bangalore

    Tests for 4 Parameters
    The STD test package includes crucial screenings for sexually transmitted infections and blood-borne diseases. It covers tests like HBAg (ECLIA) for active hepatitis B, (VDRL) RPR QUALITATIVE for syphilis antibodies, Hepatitis C Virus antibodies (Anti-HCV) - Total for hepatitis C, and HIV 182 (ECLIA) for HIV. These tests are vital for early diagnosis and timely intervention, reducing the risk of severe health issues like liver disease, syphilis complications, and HIV/AIDS
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    No Fasting Required
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    4 tests4 parameters

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    Essential STD Test Package Details

    Package NameBasic STD Panel Test
    PriceThe Price for the Basic STD Test in Bangalore is ₹ 999
    Tests Included4 Tests, 4 Parameters
    PurposeTo detect sexually transmitted diseases in the body
    Pre-test InformationNo special preparation is required. Fasting is not required.
    Report DeliveryGet Reports Within 12 Hours
    FrequencyAs prescribed by your doctor
    Home TestingYes; Free home blood sample collection in 60 mins from booking
    Sample RequiredA Blood Sample is required for Basic STD Test Panel

    Comprehending STDs: Common Sexually Transmitted Infections and Their Impact

    Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that can be transmitted through sexual contact and may be caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. While some STDs can be effectively treated and cured (syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and trichomonas), others, particularly viral ones like herpes simplex virus, hepatitis B, HIV, and human papillomavirus, are incurable and can increase the risk of various cancers. Neglecting proper management or leaving STDs untreated can lead to serious health complications, including reproductive issues, pelvic inflammatory diseases, genital cancers, ectopic pregnancy and more. Additionally, they are linked to stigma, spousal abuse, and a lower quality of life. Therefore, it's crucial for sexually active individuals to undergo basic STD testing as a preventive measure. 

    The Significance of Basic STD Checkup in Bangalore

    STDs often remain asymptomatic initially or until they have advanced, making them difficult to detect without routine basic STI tests. Some STIs such as HIV, Hepatitis and HPV have been linked with the development of cancers. It's therefore crucial to undergo regular testing to identify STDs early and initiate treatment. Also, identification in asymptomatic cases helps prevent further spread of infection to your partner(s). Orange Health Labs provides an essential STD checkup package in Bangalore to diagnose the most commonly encountered STDs.

    Exploring Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

    As was already noted, untreated STDs can cause serious health problems. STDs can be challenging to identify because they frequently don't show any symptoms at first or until they have progressed. Common STDs include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, HIV/AIDS, HPV, Syphilis, Bacterial Vaginosis, Trichomoniasis, and Viral Hepatitis. Sexually transmitted illnesses are ubiquitous. An estimated 374 million sexually transmitted illnesses occur annually worldwide. The symptoms appear only when they are severe and most of the time, they are asymptomatic.

    Causes and Common Symptoms of STDs

    Sexually transmitted diseases, as implied by their name, are infections contracted through sexual contact, primarily through vaginal, oral, and anal routes, and they are transmitted via bodily fluids like blood, urine, semen, and saliva. Bacteria, viruses, and parasites are the main causes of these infections. Initially, symptoms may not manifest, but as the infection progresses within the body, symptoms gradually become evident. Common STD symptoms include genital swelling, painful urination, unusual bleeding, pain during sex, odd discharge, and skin irregularities.  

    STD Testing: Essential for Early Detection, Management, and Prevention

    The basic STD screening can help in the following ways: 

    Basic STD screening offers several advantages, including: 

    • It plays a crucial role in preventing the transmission of STD infections to others by detecting them at an early stage. 

    • STD screening is beneficial for identifying infections even when there are no visible symptoms. 

    • Early detection through STD screening is instrumental in effectively managing and curing STD infections and preventing any major complications that may occur due to them. 

    Hence, if you are sexually active or had sex with multiple partners, then it is important for you to get tested regularly. 

    Essential STD Test Package Overview

    Seeing STDs as a serious health concern in society Orange Health Labs is providing an STD basic test panel in Bangalore. With Orange Health Labs, you can put your concerns to rest because, in addition to precise results, they prioritize the confidentiality of your test outcomes. Their basic STD test includes 4 tests for assessing the most common STDs.

    Tests Included in the Basic STD Checkup Package

    There are 4 components included in the basic STD panel test. These are as follows: 

    • VDRL: Venereal disease research laboratory test. This VDRL test in Bangalore is used for diagnosing syphilis infection in the body. This test detects antibodies that your body produces to fight against the syphilis infection. 

    • HIV 1 & 2 Antibody Test: This HIV test in Bangalore identifies HIV/AIDS. It detects antibodies produced in the body for HIV1 or HIV 2 infection and helps in differentiating them. 

    • HBsAg test in Bangalore – In hepatitis B virus infection a protein (antigen) is present on the surface of the hepatitis-causing virus. This test helps in detecting that surface antigen and thus detecting the hepatitis infection. 

    • Anti-HCV-Total (Antibodies to Hepatitis C Virus) – Anti-HCV test in Bangalore helps in the detection of antibodies against the hepatitis C infection. 

    Risk-associated Essential STD Test Package in Bangalore

    There are no related risks with the STD panel basic test. Only during the blood testing, you may experience a little pain or sting, which will be relieved within minutes.

    STD Test Package in Bangalore offers the convenience of at-home testing and protects your privacy

    You can conveniently access a basic STD test in Bangalore through Orange Health Labs, and the entire process can be completed from home. Book your test on Orange Health Labs' website, get samples collected at home by an eMedic, and receive results on your provided phone, all with strict confidentiality.

    STD Basic Panel Price in Bangalore

    The std basic test panel price in Bangalore is ₹ 999. This fee covers the expenses associated with the basic std test at home sample services.

    Benefits of Essential STD Test Package in Bangalore

    There are many benefits of an STD basic screening panel. A few are listed below: 

    • Detection of the STD even in the absence of symptoms. 

    • Prevention of the spread of STDs to other individuals. 

    • Initiation of the treatment at an early stage to prevent major consequences later. 

    • Decreased worry or anxiety associated with acquiring an STD.  

    • Encourage open communication between medical professionals and patients regarding sexual health, sexual orientation, and STDs, which helps to lessen the associated stigma. 

    Who Can Benefit from STD Test Package in Bangalore

    The individuals who can benefit from the basic STD test are: 

    • Individuals who are sexually active. 

    • Individuals having sex with multiple partners. 

    • Individuals who are homosexuals. 

    • Pregnant women. 

    • Women who have difficulty in conceiving or retaining pregnancy 

    Why Choose Orange Health for a Basic STD Test in Bangalore

    Orange Health Labs offers lab tests at home in Bangalore & full body checkups in Bangalore with reliable results from NABL and ICMR-certified labs. Receive STD screening results via email or WhatsApp, ensuring complete confidentiality.

    With Orange Health Labs, you can book a basic STD panel test very easily by following these simple steps:  

    • Visit the Orange Health Labs website and search for a ‘basic STD test near me’.           

    • Enter your location and provide the necessary information as requested. It will include the date, day, and time provided by you.         

    • A payment link will be sent to you at your registered phone number for booking. 

    After booking, you'll be contacted for sample collection. No preparation is needed; a blood sample is taken for STD screening. 

    After booking your STD test, our eMedic collects samples at your home, analyzes them in our NABL and ICMR-certified lab, and sends results via WhatsApp and email on the same day. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions:- 

    1. What is an STD, and what are its common symptoms?

    STDs are infections transmitted through sexual contact, with common symptoms like abnormal discharge, pelvic pain, and genital infections.

    2. How can I book a std basic test panel near me in Bangalore?

    To book an STD test panel in Bangalore, visit Orange Health's website, select your test, provide information, and schedule sample collection.

    3. Is the testing process convenient and confidential?

    Home STD testing is convenient; no need to leave home for sampling or results. Results are confidential and sent to your provided contact number.

    4. Are there any age restrictions for the basic std panel test?

    No age limits for STD testing, but if sexually active, consider testing, especially if under 25.

    5. How soon will I receive my basic STI test results?

    With Orange Health Labs you will receive your results within 12 hours after the sample collection.

    Orange Health Labs provides the fastest Essential STD Test services across Bangalore
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